College of Engineering

College of Engineering

The College of Engineering has had yet another successful year. From new academic programs to prestigious research awards, we continue our mission to provide an outstanding start-of-the-art education for engineering and computer scientists, while pursuing and disseminating new knowledge and innovative technologies to address the needs of the state and nation. While we acknowledge the accomplishments and growth we have experienced together, we remain diligent in building upon these accolades to be a leading engineering destination in the world. Which we can’t do without the support of our alumni and friends, like you.

As we focus on the future, one key element is the need for larger investment in STEM education amongst our middle and high schools which help fuel the pipeline of our future engineers and computer scientists. Within the College of Engineering, our highly successful K-12 Outreach Program hosts a unique program, MESA, aimed at increasing college enrollment among minority, low-income and first generation college students. For over 10 years, MESA has promoted a strong academic foundation in mathematics and science as the key to college admission and success. Continuing and growing this program is one of my top priorities, as the future of our college depends so greatly on its success.

Currently affiliated with four local schools, we have a goal to reach eight in the next two years. We offer these schools academic tutoring, college preparation, hands-on STEM curriculum, STEM competitions, and career and college exploration days. Since 2014, the program has a 61% rate of students going into STEM fields in college, and 87% of program participants attending the University of Nevada, Reno. We’ve reached 266 middle and high school students and with the popularity growing, so do the costs associated with running a program of this caliber.

As Engineering alumni, please support this critical program by making a year-end, tax-deductible gift to the College of Engineering General Fund. Which will directly support this program, that not only gives back to our local community, by educating our local youth about the opportunities and excitement related to STEM education, and ensuring the future success of the College of Engineering.

It is because of generous donors that the College of Engineering will continue to thrive and grow, building on our current momentum to carry us towards future successes.

Every gift to Engineering, no matter the size, makes a difference.

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