College of Liberal Arts

College of Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts at the University of Nevada, Reno, provides knowledge and skills for the 21st century learner with academic majors in the humanities, the performing and visual arts and the social sciences. Our graduates meet the real world equipped with the skills employers are looking for such as effective written and oral communication, critical thinking and the ability to work well in diverse teams. In fact, a recent study notes that 74 percent of employers recommend a liberal arts education as the best preparation for professional and career advancement. That said, employers also indicate that liberal arts majors would benefit from more opportunities to apply their skills in real-world settings.

This year, then, we are doubling our efforts to provide all our majors with experiential and applied learning opportunities. Your support is vital to advancing this initiative. Through opportunities such as internships, our students receive instruction in non-classroom settings to complement the knowledge and skills gained from their class lessons. In addition to internships, your support also enables students to pursue other applied learning opportunities, such as attending leadership conferences. For example, the Latino Research Center takes a group of students annually to the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute in Chicago.

These experiences are transformative for students; however, given their financial realities, many students cannot afford to take advantage of these opportunities. Your generous support allows us to assist students with pursuing these off-campus engagements. Support from alumni and friends, such as you, will help to assure a robust and engaging experience for all our students that will position them for future success, whatever their career path.

The College of Liberal Arts provides an education which endures in a quickly changing world. Please help us offer beneficial learning opportunities, including but not limited to those described above, to all our College of Liberal Arts students by making a year-end, tax-deductible gift to the College of Liberal Arts. If you’d like additional information about supporting the College of Liberal Arts, please contact Stephanie Sellers at or Julie Mathews at

Every gift to the College of Liberal Arts, no matter the size, makes a difference.

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