University Libraries

University Libraries

The University Libraries at the University of Nevada, Reno are an integral part of the University experience. University Libraries offer resources that support education and research, as well as provide spaces that facilitate active learning. You may not realize that the Libraries is one of the largest student employers on campus, and plays an important role in preparing students for success. Currently the Libraries employs 120 students.

The Libraries is one of the few entities on campus that literally every student and faculty member will use or at least visit at some point during their time on campus. The Libraries is increasing our reach beyond campus, to help our local community and beyond. Which is why it is critical to ensure its sustainability and future. Which is why we're asking that you include the University Libraries in your year-end giving plans, by making a tax-deductible gift to the University Libraries today.

The University Libraries values our community and we strive to support our users with expertise, resources, and accessibility. Recently, we partnered with the Washoe County Recorder’s Office to digitize and make a variety of records relating to our region accessible online. We heard from one local resident who expressed his appreciation, “I have been trying to research my family records but because I work full time, I was unable to make it to the County Recorder’s office during normal business hours. Having these records available online means I can work on my project from my computer at home.”

Please join us today in making a difference in the lives of every student, faculty member, and community member by making your year-end gift in support of the University Libraries. By supporting the Friends of the Library, you are enabling the University Libraries to provide exceptional service and resources to our students, the Nevada campus, and our entire community of users worldwide.

Every gift to the University Libraries, no matter the size, makes a difference for our entire campus.

For more information about supporting the University Libraries, please contact Robin Monteith at (775) 682-5656 or

As we say at the Libraries, nobody graduates from the University Libraries, but nobody graduates without the University Libraries.


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