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2019 - 2020 Mackay Student Trips

We have raised $15,545 toward our $28,321 goal!

2019 - 2020 Mackay Student Trips

In 2020, the John Mackay Club is sending 20 qualified students to the National Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration (SME) Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Also in 2020, the Mackay Muckers are hoping to send a men’s and women’s team to the International Intercollegiate Mining Competition in Golden, Colorado.

We are making a joint request for support of these student activities in order to further our education outside of the class room. These activities provide us an extremely valuable educational experience that could not be received in a traditional classroom. 

SME National Conference and Student Mine Design Competition

Between February 21st and February 27th of 2020, the John Mackay Club (JMC) will send 20 students to the SME National Conference in Phoenix, AZ. The group will consist of 14 qualified JMC students, and one team of 6 students for the SME/NSSGA Student Mine Design Competition to compete in stage 2. If the design team does not qualify for stage 2, their seats will be filled with the wait-listed qualified JMC students. This conference provides numerous benefits to the students who attend, among them technical education, exposure to companies - both with fellow students and industry professionals. Our goal is to maximize our experience with SME as a student chapter, and to expose as many of our members to the conference as possible.

Our itinerary for the SME trip is as follows:

  • February 21:  Mine Design Team departs Reno to compete in Phoenix
  • February 22:  Remaining JMC students depart Reno for Phoenix
  • February 23- 26: Attend Technical Sessions, Networking Events, and Expo Hall
  • February 27:  Arrive back in Reno

Lady Muckers celebratingInternational Intercollegiate Mining Games

In the spring of 2020, the Mackay Muckers would like to send a men’s and a women’s team to the International Intercollegiate Mining Competition in Golden, CO. The Intercollegiate Mining Competition started in 1978 in honor and remembrance of the fallen miners from the Sunshine Mine fire in 1972. The competition consists of traditional mining methods.Mining competition photo

There are seven events that make up the competition:

  • Single Jack Hand Steel
  • Jackleg Drilling
  • Hand Mucking
  • Gold Panning
  • Track Stand
  • Swede Saw
  • Survey

The mining competition is a great opportunity for members of these teams to compete with fellow students from the United States, England, Australia and South America. This allows students to develop important international connections as well as to network with key members of the mining industry. It also fosters a great sense of personal growth and camaraderie as individuals work to succeed as a team. 

This year, with the games being in Colorado, the need for travel funds is not as high as in years past, however next year the International Intercollegiate Mining Competition will be in Australia. In an effort to pay it forward to next year’s team, we will be allocating any additional funds raised to the 2021 team.

If you have any questions regarding funding please contact Leigh Fitzpatrick at, at (775) 682-8791 or Donna Knotek at, or 775-682-5952. 

We sincerely thank you for your consideration and continued support of the John Mackay Club, Mackay Muckers, and all the students of the Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering.

Here is a complete outline of our expected budget for these programs:

2019 - 2020 Budget


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