Thank you for your interest in the ECHO Webinar Series, this project has ended. If you would like to learn more about supporting ECHO Webinars, please contact Jillian Szewczak at

ECHO Webinar Series

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ECHO Webinar Series

The Nevada Public Health Training Center at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Community Health Sciences will be offering a special series of their ECHO webinars focusing on topics related to COVID-19. In partnership with the National Network of Public Health Institutes, the Nevada Public Health Association, and the Nevada Public Health Institute, these 12 special webinars will explore fresh concepts and strategies for supporting health communities during this crisis.

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The webinars will be offered free of charge to public health professionals throughout the state and region between May 1 and July 31. Each 1.5 hour webinar will provide opportunities for public health professionals to meet and discuss various aspects of the COVID-19 outbreak and responses. Any support you can provide towards this new initiative will go towards staffing and facilitation, as well as the recording and translation of these webinars to make them available asynchronously. Thank you for your support of our public health professionals!