Graduate Student Association - Student Emergency Fund

Thank you for your interest in supporting the GSA Student Emergency Fund.

Graduate Student Association - Student Emergency Fund

The Graduate Student Association at the University of Nevada, Reno helps graduate students with everything from professional development to providing need-based services and awards.

 Through the Graduate Student Emergency Fund, The Graduate Student Association can provide needed financial support to students and help ensure they can continue their education.  Students have utilized this emergency scholarship to assist in covering emergency medical situations, as well as paying for monthly utilities, food, and related expenses. In the 2019-2020 academic year, approximately 75 graduate students applied to receive emergency funding, many due to circumstances precipitated by COVID-19. During this same time period, the GSA utilized its own funding to provide over $25,000.00 in Emergency Grants to graduate students.

 By providing this emergency support, The Graduate Student Association can continue to help students thrive in a 21st century student environment and provide an outstanding educational experience that enables students to successfully achieve their career goals

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