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This year has forced us to look inward and find resolve and willingness to learn new ways of being present – for our loved ones, friends and our communities.

You can be present for our students right now by helping us build a Student Emergency Fund to provide critical financial support for students in need.

We pleased to share that our faculty and students have truly demonstrated incredible resolve and flexibility by creating and adapting to new modes of teaching and learning. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected students not just socially, emotionally and physically, but financially as well, as students manage loss of income as a direct result of the pandemic.

As the fall semester starts to wind down, we are committed to helping our students on the pathways to their degrees by staying where they need to be - in their degree programs. By contributing to the College’s new and permanent Student Emergency Fund, you can help build a fund that provides the College with resources to immediately address critical issues that could interfere with a student’s ability to remain in school. Your donation can help keep them on their pathways to fulfilling their dreams of becoming educational professionals that strengthen the social, educational and economic well-being of all citizens in Nevada and beyond. 

Being a world-class College of Education takes all of us, and collectively we can be present for the next generation of educators and have a real impact on their success. Thank you so much for your thoughtful support and for always remembering the “life changing learning” that happens every day in the College of Education & Human Development.

For more information about supporting the College of Education & Human Development please contact Stefanie Givens at

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