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Support for the College of Business - Freshmen Intensive Transition (BizFIT) Program

The College of Business is committed to helping all new students transition successfully from high school to college through the Freshman Intensive Transition (FIT) program. BizFIT  will bring over 500 new students and ­over 80 student mentors to campus where students learn important information, make connections, and become better prepared to begin their collegiate experience at the University of Nevada, Reno.


BizFIT has always been important, but perhaps now more than ever, when the 2021 incoming students are feeling especially uncertain after completing their final year of high school remotely. We are taking special care to intentionally build community and support networks for the first-year students through the BizFIT program. Whether students are participating remotely or in-person, they will have the opportunity to start the school year with a new group of friends, a mentor that shares the same field of study, and the experience and knowledge of the University resources that can provide them with support.


“During BizFIT, we had workshops where we learned to tie a tie, learned the different types of business dress, and so many other life-applicable skills that reached far beyond schoolwork. Clearly, my time in BizFIT was focused on being very well-rounded. We learned much of what we needed to be successful individuals, not just successful students, and I am extremely appreciative of that!”- Cynthia Haven-Dingle, BizFIT participant 2015


Each college runs a unique version of the FIT program to individualize the experience based on the demands of each college. During BizFit students gain experience with the following:

•          Gain core skills & knowledge related to the College of Business

•          Become familiar with campus resources that support student success

•          Develop an understanding of writing a business plan

•          Meet and interact with College of Business faculty, staff, and academic advisors

•          Develop an understanding of business networking

           •          Increase their awareness of professional development 


The 1-year retention rate for students who participated in BizFIT 2019 was 9% higher than those who did not participate. Which is why it is so important to make Biz-FIT 2021 affordable for all students. As a self-supporting program, the BizFIT budget is determined by its revenue. With additional philanthropic support, College of Business students will be able to attend this mandatory boot camp without additional financial strain. 


“This is hands down the best experience I had in college and I wouldn’t change a thing. I feel that this program has helped me get to where I am now academic and career wise. Without the help of my advisors and mentor I would have gone into college so confused. NevadaFIT gave me the right resources and information to succeed in college.” -Jasmin Gonzalez, BizFIT participant 2018


Please considering making a gift to BizFIT – no matter the size, every gift makes a difference! We appreciate your generosity in helping support this integral program for the College of Business at the University of Nevada, Reno.

For additional information or if you have questions on other ways to support the College of Business, please contact either of our Directors of Development, Zack Madonick at or (775) 682-6041 or Danielle Pawliw at or (775) 682-6556.

*NOTE- Photos were taken prior to social-distancing guidelines

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